Wednesday, 4 February 2009

OH S**T!!!!

Inside sources at Def Jam tell us that Island Def Jam Chairman, L.A. Reid has ordered Rick Ross not to call radio DJS or radio personalities regarding the beef with him and 50 Cent. Apparently Def Jam feels like Rick Ross is out there making a fool of himself. While he just launched a brand new single, "Magnificent," featuring John Legend, all the attention is focusing on his downward spiral ever since going at 50 Cent. Sources tell us that Def Jam is not pleased with the reaction his new single is receiving. A radio single with John Legend is usually an automatic win, but unfortunately for Rick Ross, he has only received 126 spins across the country since his record premiered over a week ago. As of late, everybody that interviews Rick Ross focuses on his days as a correction officer, his situation with his baby's mother and 50 Cent instead of focusing on his record.