Sunday, 31 August 2008

Dre Buries His Son

Over 200 mourners turned out Friday for the funeral of Andre Young, Jr. -- the son of Grammy-winning rapper Dr. Dre.

The funeral took place in Glendale, Calif at The Church of the Recessional.

Young, 20, was found dead last Saturday by his mother at their home.

KRS - One And Soulja Boy Talk About Hip Hop

T-Pain Interview

Part 1

Part 2

Lil Kim and Movado At Hot 97 On Da Reggae Tip!!

Fox Gets Back At Solange!!!

Damn they go in hard!!! LOL

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Cory Gunz. Nefu Da Don, & Fred The Godson Spittin Bars On RockMe TV!

Jadakiss Interview On This Is

Seems like they have squashed the beef.

Beyonce Speaks On Solange

Michael Interview On His 50th Birthday

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Jeezy Brings Out Lil Kim, Fabolous and Maino

T-Pain On 106 & Park

Game On 106 & Park

WOW!!! This Is A Good Look

DAMN!!! Check Out This Pool Trick Shot

Game Brings Out Young Buck

Solange Goes In!!

DMX Needs To Make An Album Or Something!!

The Game And Joe Budden Make Up

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dre's Son Found Dead!!

The son of rap music legend Dr. Dre was found dead at his home in Woodland Hills on Saturday morning, according to reports.
Andre Young Jr. was found when his mother went to check on him around 10 a.m. The 20-year-old man was unresponsive, prompting his mother to call 911.

The cause of death is unknown, pending completion of a toxicology report, reports Australian news source
Andre Young Sr. - better known as “Dr. Dre” - is an award winning producer who gained fame and notoriety as a part of the influential gangsta rap group NWA. He later becoming co-owner of West Coast record label Death Row records. Dr. Dre is currently working on Detox, an album reputed to be his last.

Talk About Licks!!!!

This guy was raping kids and this was his punishment.

Saturday, 23 August 2008


This would be so heavy if this was real!!!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Jamaica Breaks ANOTHER World Record!!!!

Brat Gets 3 Years!!!!!!!! Ouch!!!

WOW… rapper Da Brat was sentenced to 3 years in jail today for hitting a woman in the head with a bottle at Studio 72 (Jermaine Dupri’s club) last year.

Kano On Manny Norte Show.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Kardinal Offishall Interview Angie Martinez

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Grafth feat Busta & Prinz - Like Ohh!!

BIG TUNE!!!!!!!!!!

Cassie Clears Up Some Rumours!!

"Me and Puff are good friends" YEAH RIGHT!!

Game Responds To Bow Wow AND........Bow Wow Responds to Game Again!!!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Old Battle: Murda Mook vs Serious Jones


The Game Speaks On Jay Z............ He Banged His Head Hard!!

The Game: Now, if the man wants to wage a war of words or get into some type of beef, I’m all for it. It would be an honor to beef with Jay-Z. That’s one of the reasons I try to bait him, but he won’t bite. Jay-Z’s smart and he’s going to sit back and wait for this to simmer down. Plus I’m way too disrespectful for the likes of a Jay-Z, and I go too hard. Jay-Z is a subliminal rapper, he uses his words and isolates you like that. I go hard, straight for the jugular, with a knife and I’m cutting your throat and you’re going to bleed all over Manhattan when you beef with me. It’s that serious. When I beef, it’s relentless. I won’t stop until one of us is dead, period. And that’s lyrically. I don’t have to box or fight, or take it to the streets. We’ll keep it a straight wax-war, that’s what beef is all about. But I’m too reckless for him

Are They Serious??

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bernie Mac Funeral Speeches

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Estelle - Pretty Please

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Rock City On World Tour.......Well Kinda!!

Watch out for these guys! Heavy!!

Well not exactly the WHOLE world…but we’ll be hitting Los Angeles, Miami and New York in the upcoming days (dates above) with Akon’s newest act R. City who are currently signed to Geffen Records!! These guys are “new” to the scene but they’ve already written and produced songs for Usher, Mario, Sean Kingston, Rodney Jerkins, Nicole Scherzinger The Pussycat Dolls, Jesse McCartney, Macy Gray, Ashlee Simpson and Enrique Iglesias to name a few. Originally born in St. Thomas, the duo is getting ready to release their debut album Wake The Neighbors which they describe as an eclectic blend of elements from hip-hop to calypso…check out the video for Losin’ It…

The Game Speaks On G-Unit........AGAIN!!

The Game feat Lil Wayne - My Life

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

This Guy Just Dont Stop!!

Multi-platinum rapper Jay-Z continues his precedent-setting business deals as he is currently in talks to sell a stake of his popular 40/40 Las Vegas nightclub for an estimated $44 million.

According to The New York Post, the iconic hip-hop superstar is currently speaking with Las Vegas Sands Corporation in regards to offering them a 50 percent stake of the club. An insider told The Post the deal could make Jay’s night spot a global attraction.

“That will make the 40/40 club in Vegas the largest sports booking operation,” the insider said. “People can gamble both at the tables and on games. The Sands will also have the right to open 40/40 clubs in London and across Europe.”

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the move seems likely as the chain has continued to grow from its 2003 New York debut to grand openings in Atlantic City, Tokyo, Macau and Vegas.

Various celebrities have been known to have big celebrations at the 40/40 spots including R&B superstar Chris Brown and NBA All-Star Lebron James who both celebrated birthdays there.

Jay and his management were unavailable for comment at press time.

Jay Z vs Game LOL Yeah Right!!

I could be wrong, but it seems like The Game has been rather quiet recently, but I am hearing a recent interview might changed that and put him head to head with the biggest thing in rap. No, not Lil Wayne, young bucks. I’m talking about Jay-Z. Do you remember the story I offered you on my blog? Well, my boy JP finally met Jay and said he didn’t know anything to say to Jigga so he just asked him about The Game. I cannot verify, but JP said he said, “When you gonna go at The Game” and Jay just laughed and said, “We ain’t even f**kin with him…we gonna let him commit suicide.” At this time, The Game was on magazine covers with a gun to his head and talking a lot about suicide and stuff. I heard that this story has gone from JP to illseed to The Game and The Game is really mad. So, now I sort of believe The Game’s new song “Superman,” clearly a Soulja Boy diss is also a slight at Jay-Z. Remember, on Kingdom Come, Jay-Z was rapping as Superman returning to save Hip-Hop. We’ll see!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

T.I. On 106 & Park

Kanye To Produce Majority Of Blueprint 3

Kanye will indeed be producing most, if not all, of the album. Remember back in the day when an artist would do a whole album with one producer for cohesiveness? Think classic Snoop or Jeru with Primo… and fast forward it to 2008.

Jay will be leaking the finished version of “Jockin” as soon as he adds a new 3rd verse to the song.

Tracks to look for include the aforementioned “Jockin’ Jay-Z” and a new track entitled “Victory” that the rumor mill says is simply amazing.

R.I.P. Issac Hayes

Isaac Hayes, the great Memphis singer/composer who helped make Stax-Volt a major record label in the '60s and '70s and whose extended oeuvres of soul and r & b hits made himself a household name for the last several decades., was pronounced dead Sunday at Baptist Memorial Hospital East, the Flyer has learned.

The singer was reportedly found unconscious in his Memphis home early Sunday by his wife, who called an ambulance.

The 65-year-old Hayes, who had been in declining health for some time, had nevertheless continued to be an active presence not only musically but in assorted civic activities.

Along with co-composer David Porter, he was the creative eminence behind many of the Stax-Volt label's early hits, and Hayes became a successful singer in his own right with such albums as Hot Buttered Soul (1969) and Black Moses (1971) . He also scored several films, including Shaft, for which he won an Academy Award. He would accumulate three Grammy awards during his career and was a member of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Hayes also involved himself in a number of social causes, becoming prominent in the Scientology movement. Like numerous other musical artists, he went in and out of difficult economic phases during the course of his career, but never quite retired and could still electrify audiences in his increasingly rare public appearances.

Emanuel Augustus Drunk Style Boxing

Blackberry Javelin????

And there's me gearing up for the Bold!!!!
Info below:

The folks at Crackberry has obtained marketing photos of RIM's new non-3G smartphone, the Blackberry Javelin, which gives us the down low on the details of the phone. Javelin will contain a 512 MHz processor, 256 MB of onboard flash memory plus a hot-swappable microSD slot, a hi-res 460 x 360 HVGA+ display, Wi-Fi with UMA and GPS, and a 3.2 megapixel camera. What briefly piques my interest though is the promise of "integrated lens/LCD technology." Does that mean a second camera hidden behind the display or is it just more ad speak for "the display is pretty"? The release date still seems to be slated for 2009.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

LL Cool J Talks About 50 Cent Producing His Next Album

Preparing for his final album release, Exit 13, legendary rapper LL Cool J sat down with SOHH to talk about fellow Queens, NY superstar 50 Cent’s impact on the project, difficulty in deciding which records to use and admitting he “didn’t want to be 51 Cent.”

LL cleared up initial rumors about his last Def Jam release being exclusively produced by the G-Unit leader but did admit they recorded an entire album’s worth of music.

“50 is not executive producing the whole album be we did a whole album together and I used like four or five songs,” he told SOHH. “I didn’t want to be ‘51 Cent.’ I want to make sure that I was giving them L. God knows that last thing I needed to do is wait ‘til my 13th album and play son-son and all that.”

Promising the decision to trim his selection down to single digits from the multi-platinum selling rapper was based on artistic purposes; the G.O.A.T. confessed his selections were carefully chosen.

“I love my man, he’s extremely talented and the music that we worked on together was hot,” he explained. “It’s just I made sure that I selected records that I felt had my voice and spoke from my heart.”

Continuing to give 50 props for his dedication to the project, LL detailed the coaching he received from him.

“I’m in there with 50 and I’m watching him and he’s writing choruses and giving me ideas for songs and telling me I should rap like this,” he added. “We sitting in there and I’m writing and he’s telling me, ‘Yo you should say it like this’.” LL went on to say that the process “was a lot of fun” and concluded by confessing 50 “got me amped up and you know once I get a battery in my back I go crazy.”

Exit 13 is currently scheduled to hit stores September 9th on Def Jam Records.

R.I.P. Bernie Mac

Comedian Bernie Mac has died at the age of 50 after an extended bout with pneumonia, according to sources with

Mac was in Northwestern Memorial hospital when he died on Saturday morning. No official cause of death has been announced by his family.

The family has reportedly convened at the Mac household.

He reported passed away at approximately 5:45 am on Saturday.

“Bernie Mac will not only be missed by his family members and close friends, he will also be missed by the thousands of people he touch through his laughter. Please keep his family in your prayers,” said Kendra G, a Chicago bred radio host that now resides in Philadelphia.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Kanye And Jay Plays New Track From Blueprint 3


BLUEPRINT 3 from kwest on Vimeo.

Kardi Interview

Monday, 4 August 2008

I Will Take Two Please!!!

Thanks to Autoblog that I now finally know the exact dubbing of the 16.4 Bugatti Targa. While Autoblog keeps doing the same with its first reveller, I feel grand to call it the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. Don’t give a damn of how Bugatti would convince people to go for it without a retractable roof (it has opted for a removable one rather), the electronically limited 217mph car would be up for the grab at Pebble Beach with a starting auction price of $2,250,300. Not many choose to go off the veil at the Concourse d’Elegance but for a devil that would get 80 incarnations only, the debut sounds suitable. Two weeks more and then we could have the price of the first topless Bugatti ever sold, something which could set a new standard for the riches when they talk about their topless (in all passiveness) possessions. Is there anyone still complaining about that roof, well then, with all that money involved, the choice is yours to make.

Careful Rocsi!!!!

This weekends Turks and Caicos Music Festival, popular BET VJ Rosci from 106 & Park were spotted canoodling with T&C Premier Michael Misick. Michael is currently under investigation for allegations of corruption and investigation for an alleged rape that took place at the Misick¹s house which Rosci¹s name was well mentioned-- while his wife, actress LisaRaye McCoy-Misick (All of Us, Beauty Shop) was away in New York City.

Sources have even reported that Rocsi stayed at the Misick home and hosted guests as if she was the lady of the house.

Here We Go Again MTB 4 Season 3

Jermaine Dupri Celebrity Basket Ball Game

Jim Jones Disses Jay Z...........Again!!

Hi Hater..........Bang!!!!

Maino Slaps a man in the face.

Nas Brings Out Jay Z............For A Change

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Backstage At Rock Corps LA 08

Sorry Kardi me sorry LOL!!!!!

Strange Creature Found On New York Beach

This is scary!!

Montauk Monster: This otherworldly looking creature found on a New York beach July 13 has been called an alien, a science experiment gone bad, even "how I imagine Karl Rove looks on the inside." Some dismiss it as a decomposing pug or turtle without a shell. Click through for more animal mysteries.

Could it be a devil dog? The mythical chupacabra? Perhaps it's just an unfortunate pug, raccoon or turtle. A photo of a strange creature lying dead on a Montauk, N.Y., beach, fuels Web-wide speculation and amusement. "It looked like nothing I'd ever seen before," Ryan O'Shea, one of the witnesses, told Newsday. "It looked like it died angry."

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Killer Mike Responds To Big Boi

Banner Goes In!!!!!!!

Is The Segway Over????

Watch What You Say Bro lol