Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Jay Z vs Game LOL Yeah Right!!

I could be wrong, but it seems like The Game has been rather quiet recently, but I am hearing a recent interview might changed that and put him head to head with the biggest thing in rap. No, not Lil Wayne, young bucks. I’m talking about Jay-Z. Do you remember the story I offered you on my blog? Well, my boy JP finally met Jay and said he didn’t know anything to say to Jigga so he just asked him about The Game. I cannot verify, but JP said he said, “When you gonna go at The Game” and Jay just laughed and said, “We ain’t even f**kin with him…we gonna let him commit suicide.” At this time, The Game was on magazine covers with a gun to his head and talking a lot about suicide and stuff. I heard that this story has gone from JP to illseed to The Game and The Game is really mad. So, now I sort of believe The Game’s new song “Superman,” clearly a Soulja Boy diss is also a slight at Jay-Z. Remember, on Kingdom Come, Jay-Z was rapping as Superman returning to save Hip-Hop. We’ll see!