Sunday, 3 August 2008

Strange Creature Found On New York Beach

This is scary!!

Montauk Monster: This otherworldly looking creature found on a New York beach July 13 has been called an alien, a science experiment gone bad, even "how I imagine Karl Rove looks on the inside." Some dismiss it as a decomposing pug or turtle without a shell. Click through for more animal mysteries.

Could it be a devil dog? The mythical chupacabra? Perhaps it's just an unfortunate pug, raccoon or turtle. A photo of a strange creature lying dead on a Montauk, N.Y., beach, fuels Web-wide speculation and amusement. "It looked like nothing I'd ever seen before," Ryan O'Shea, one of the witnesses, told Newsday. "It looked like it died angry."


MissTashi said...

LMAO Chupacabra!!!