Friday, 27 February 2009

Movado & Kartel End The War???

Popular Deejay Vybz Kartel and Sinjay Mavado seems to have put down the childish war, Mavado is busy taking dancehall to an international level and Kartel is now focussing on introducing Jah vinci and Black Rhino to the world, it seems as if the recent ban on gun lyrics and daggering may have been the cause, since sting both have only release one song each dissing each other, Kartel havent responded which is a clear signal the war is over.

They both made their profit from the so call war, time for a new day Mavado better tomorrow and Kartel life sweet. even if they put out war tunes it wont make an effect in jamaica as rjr, irie fm and zip fm who was also endorsing the previous war. Will Kartel get his visa this year?as everyone know thats all he needs for a crossover hit, will Mavado continue to put out hit songs or will his new rastafarian lifestyle affect his career as it did with previous artist who converted, whatever happen this year will determine the faith of dancehall, hopefully a combination track with Kartel and Mavado