Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Katt Williams Speaks On Retirement, Steve Harvey & Jamie Foxx’s Radio Crew


Lady Di said...

I think a lot of people are going to need an interpretation of "retirement" as Katt addressed the stand-up comedy 3 times in this interview. Katt said on Steve Harvey's Morning Show on/or about October 15 that he was retiring from STAND-UP. Now, 3 shows later in NY, CT and NJ he also said the same exact thing - - proof is to the left.

Now, THM interviews him and still after 3 direct right in a row answers, the people there are still failing to realize and/or have done their homework on the man who is NOT only a stand-up comedian but an actor, a rapper AND a successful business man with a clothing line that also ha accessories AND... has a studio for music and it may also produce other things such as film too.

And with all that said, please do NOT count Katt out of ANY game totally. Just keep your eyes and hears locked because he'll be visual when he needs to be seen, heard when he needs us to listen and active when we want to see him act.

Last word - first!!

Lady Di said...

Typos are forgivable.