Thursday, 2 October 2008

Inside Info On Blueprint 3

Okay just got the news on the new LP. The Tracklisting on the internet is completely false, with the exception of possibly Most Kings but even that has been changed as Jay gave Chris Martin the original verse for a Coldplay song. Kanye West produced the entire album with a sound that combines the best of Kanye, Swizz, and Dilla. Think about how Swagga Like Us has the vocal sample with the Swiss Effect, the drums of Dilla by not being on some straight up boom boom bap sound, and the Electronic/European sounds of the keyboards used on the swagger joint.

Timbaland originally said he was doing the album, at which point Kanye flew to Germany to meet up with Jigga, gave him one beat cd with fifteen or so joints on it and after that it was a wrap. Kanye then flew to Hawaii where Jay was working and from there they knocked it out. The sound is not Love Lockdown so don’t worry about that. It’s more about some hardcore Hip-Hop with a bit of Hardcore Rock and Electronic. It will definitely satisfy the heads while appealing to the eclectic cats.

As far as now there are no rapping features on the LP, but Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley is singing the hook on one track. Another song about Brooklyn features Santi White aka Santogold, an up and coming artist out of New York. Kanye sampled one of her songs and Jay then brought her in to redo the vocals. While other producers have been trying to get their work on the album the sound that Kanye is bringing is so different from what he has been doing that its damn near impossible to get anyone who is matching the same sound without them hearing what he has been doing.

I think from the news that I got is that he is gonna change the game again with the sound of this album, and while that has been said before remember Jay has already done this at least twice, once with the bling sound of the Neptunes and again with the original Blueprint.