Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Jim Jones Talks Greasy Again

So, Cam selling Juelz contract for $2 million is false?

He made some money off the transaction. But this ain’t slavery. Ain’t nobody sell nobody. That’s the difference.

A lot of people were surprised with your comments to Complex regarding T.I.

People took it the wrong way. I wasn’t really deliberately doing nothing to knock T.I. I was just saying what I felt regarding swagger and who sets the precedent for it. I know for sure that people have said, "Yo, you looking like Jim Jones. I’m trying to get that 'Jim Jones' look." But I haven’t heard people saying you’re looking like T.I. or whoever. Where I’m from, n****s don’t run to go look like no Kanye. I don’t hear n****s in the ‘hood like I need to get that jacket Jay had on.

Have you seen T.I.’s clothing line, AKOO?

I haven’t seen it. I seen an ad and his jeans look like some Pepe Jeans. But that’s another story. I ain’t mad at nobody in this bulls**t game.

Do you think the press misconstrued your comments regarding T.I.?

I don’t care what the press did. They misconstrued it or they got it right. You can take it how the f*ck n*gg*s wanna take it. I suggest they take it in f*ck*ng stride.