Friday, 3 October 2008

Akon Wants to Break Dizzy In The U.S.

It seems Akon is on a one- man mission to promote grime around the world.
The Senegalese star recently signed Sway to his Kon Live record label and now he’s been talking about another UK rapper.
He told the Daily Star: “Dizzee is dope. I really like him. I think that whole grime sound, if it ever breaks outside the UK, is going to be huge, it’s so new and fresh.”
Akon added: “I want to be the one to bring it over to the US and one way would be to get Dizzee on my album. Give him my number!”
That the Locked Up singer wants to launch the ‘Rascal in the US will be news to his stateside label Def Jux.
They released Maths And English in April this year. At least UK artists are getting the recognition they deserve though!