Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sha Money Speaks On Certain Rappers

This is what Sha Money said:

Half these rappers out here are fronting,I got more cribs then ya’ll broke ass fronting niggas,stop fronting and leave these people and fans with better things to talk about then your lies.I watched my nigga come from nothing to something,from the basement to a mansion..Alot of heads dumbed out for greed and cash,jumping out the window cause they felt we owed yah something..I took a whole year off and away and from home and never jumped out.Only thing promised is death so stop looking for hand outs and go get yours,he got his,I got mine,go fucking get yours..And to Buck look around you,how many niggas is responsible for what you got?I can play with cash while you play pretend friends with The Lame.Stop looking for heads to feel sorry for you,you ate very well but threw up after every meal..Don’t try to make me look like I didn’t do my part.Let’s see what the new guy does.To all you rappers looking for success it’s not a destination it’s a journey,do not spend it all like it’s gonna keep coming.