Sunday, 28 September 2008

Mr Vegas Retires

Just days after his upcoming Mus Come A Road North American tour schedule was published here on Dancehall.Mobi, dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas has dropped a bombshell - he will be retiring next month.

In a telephone interview with the Jamaica Observer’s Chat magazine yesterday, he stated that he has decided to retire because of two main factors:
- he is unhappy with his surroundings / work environment
- wants to make changes to his life and move closer to happiness and God

He expanded on the surroundings / environment factor by highlighting that after 11 years in the business, he still has to be proving himself to people, and that unlike when he just started out, the music business is no longer a source of enjoyment for him. He also lamented the fact he is surrounded by “negative energy”.

Vegas left for Europe today, and said he will honor all his existing contractual obligations. Asked if he was done with music altogether, he indicated that he may find another genre, but stated “I am done with dancehall.”