Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Beenie Man Daughter Pregnant At 16???

Word in the streets that Beenie Man’s 16 year-old daughter is pregnant. Rumours suggest that it is either for a popular deejay, or a young teenaged boy called 'Nick' who the young girl was dating a few months ago.
The air had been pregnant with whispers all of last week that the teen was 'with child', with some rumours suggesting that she was four months pregnant just a few weeks shy of her 17th birthday. Her mother reportedly lives in Canada.
This development means that the 35 year-old deejay is facing the possibility of being a grandfather for the first time. One876 was unable to get in touch with the ’Doctor’ to get a comment, however, other industry insiders confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.
"She is not here, she is in Florida. The rumors were getting out of hand, Beenie Man is going through a lot right now, my heart goes out to him at this time because of all his other troubles. It’s tough for this to happen, but I guess it is also another life coming into the world,” the person said.
Members of the management team of the deejay (who we will not name here for obvious reasons) denied that he was involved.
“That is a million times false, she too young for that to happen, ah style dem a try style the deejay; we and her are just friends,” the person was quoted as saying.
Teenage pregnancies are quite common in Jamaica. According to the United Nations Population Fund, contraceptive use among Jamaican teens is low. Data from Jamaica's National Family Planning Board shows 66 per cent of all births are not planned and among women under the age of twenty, 40 per cent have been pregnant at least once, and 85 per cent of these pregnancies are unplanned.
The figures for teenage pregnancy in Jamaica are startling; before the age of 20, some 20% of Jamaican women have been pregnant at least once; 48% of males 15-19 years of age do not use condoms with their regular sexual partner, while 41% do not use condoms with a non-regular partner.