Monday, 29 September 2008

Apple's Brick: A Dual-Screen, Foldable Netbook?

Leander Kahney, Wired Editor and original member of the Cult of Mac, has gone public with the hardware dream that has been keeping him awake at night. Leander speculates that Apple's "Brick" might be a double-screened notebook -- two big iPod Touches joined by a hinge and similar in form to the OLPC v2 (pictured).
The Brick rumors started right after the iPod event earlier this month, with rumor site 9to5Mac citing a source who claimed that there would be another special Apple event, this time to show off a new MacBook.
Leander hopes for a netbook-sized Mac which would feature a second, multi touch screen in place of a keyboard. It could be used as an e-book, a regular mini-notebook or as a shared machine: laid flat on a table the second screen would flip its display to be used by a second person.
Here at Gadget Lab we, of course, totally love this idea. But as Leander says, it's a slim chance. The touchscreen keyboard alone would stir up hatred amongst the tech writers of the world. But then, we complain about the iPhone's soft keyboard and it doesn't seem to have hurt sales very much.