Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Jay Z Sales Go Up After Glastonbury Performance

Jay-Z's headline performance at the Glastonbury festival on Saturday has helped boost the rapper's record sales.
The rapper's 2004 single 99 Problems is set to go straight into the Top 25 of the UK singles chart this weekend.
His Linkin Park duet Numb/Encore, which he closed his Glastonbury set with, is also likely to return to the Top 40.
The star has helped Oasis's Wonderwall return to the charts after he mockingly opened his set with the 1995 single, midweek figures also suggest.
Huge exposure
Jay-Z chose to cover an Oasis track after Noel Gallagher told the BBC that he was "wrong" for the three-day Somerset festival.
The original version has experienced a huge sales boost, with the single challenging for a place in the Top 100.
What's The Story (Morning Glory), the album it originally appeared on, has seen sales increase of over 200%, while their compilation Stop the Clocks has had a week on week increase of over 140%.