Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Aftermath: Terence And Rocsi

Info Below:

I know alot of people are thinking that Rocsi walking off the set of 106 and Park last week was a publicity stunt for more ratings, but the tension between the two hosts was definitely real. The two were very close (like brother and sister) for a long time but when you spend that much time with someone, things are bound to happen. Terrence broke Rocsi off (slept with her) and things started going down hill from there. To make matters worse, Terrence went out of his way to flirt with his co-host for the day Keri Hilson yesterday on the set as a jealous Rocsi probably sat home and watched. Even though him feeding Keri strawberries, setting up a dinner for two etc on the show was staged, he was definitely crushing on Keri when the cameras were off and the two (Keri and Terrence) ended up exchanging numbers. * i know one of my boys is ready to fight right now, cause he hates Terrence and stans for Keri*. As for the future of Terrence and Rocsi as hosts on the show, that’s still questionable.