Thursday, 10 July 2008

Busta XXL Piece

This is what i found on XXL mag website.
This is interesting
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“I mean some can’t stay afloat/A million Busta albums he still not mentioned with the G.O.A.Ts” – Joe Budden “Who Pt.1”

To me the best rap lines are made up of things that everyone is thinking and no one is saying. Props to Joey for pointing out hip-hop’s constant overlooking of Busta Rhymes. After hearing an early version of Blessed I found myself thinking, “How come Bus name never gets mentioned amongst the hip-hop greats?” As a culture it seems that we have such limited attention spans that we never see the bigger picture.

As far as rhymes go, dude is really a beast on the mic and has been since “Scenario.” He has a ton of hit records; classic features and verses where he just blacked out on some real MC shit. Imagine hip-hop without “Woo-Hah” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.” Then try to picture the ” Flava in Ya Ear” remix without the Dungeon Dragon. Remember him on Redman’s “Da Goodness” or the Artifacts “Come on with the Git down” remix? Dude had a Dilla beat on just about every album and then turns around and does songs with Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. Never has an MC been able to go pop and still maintain underground credibility (well maybe Nas for better or worse). As far as live shows go, Trevor has one of hip-hop’s best and let’s not even talk about his videos because hands down he has the greatest collection of rap clips EVER!

And now we have these rumors of Bus getting dropped by Interscope. Whether its true or not, what the fuck does it matter? How the fuck can a record label drop Busta Rhymes, are you kidding me? And before anyone tries to bring up sales, The Big Bang sold over 600,000 copies (I don’t give a fuck, in 2006 that shit was an accomplishment). Maybe Busta should drop Jimmy Iovine because I don’t care if Blessed is released on Homeboy Records, the version of the album that I heard was pretty fuckin’ DOPE! Busta is truly one of the greats and it’s about time hip-hop recognized and stood up for our heroes before they’re gone!–Rob the Music Ed