Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Usher Got Beef With Chris Brown???

I had a feeling Usher would get into it with one of the million male RnB singers out there.
Info below:

I don’t know that this is a beef with Usher and Chris Brown, but I am hearing a tense situation is formulating. I hear Usher is having friction with key people that he’s worked with. Also, on the flip side, they have issues with him. Well, I heard that Usher has problems because his normal, longtime A&R has and president of Jive, Mr. Mark Pitts has sort of resigned to giving Chris Brown a sound and swagger that is reminiscent of Usher. Also, I heard that Usher really wanted Gucci Mane on the song “Make Love In The Club.” As you know, Jeezy is on there. I herd that Usher is also upset at the the marketing and promotional staff for botching his single at radio. NOW, the record label has allegedly pushed back and blames his George Bush-like popularity rating with the ladies on his choice of bride. Who's right?