Monday, 21 April 2008

New Blackberry 9000

Here is the info on it!

What’s that RIM has up their sleeves for the BlackBerry 9xxx? Could it be a front-facing video camera? According to Spanish blogger Luis Rodriguez, the answer is yes. It seems that Rodriguez has had a prototype version of the upcoming 9xxx on hand for a little while now, and recently revealed a couple of interesting bits of information. According to Rodriguez, the new BlackBerry will sport an external microSD slot, similar to the current Pearl 2 models, a bigger battery to handle the 3G radio. We already knew this, but, he goes on to say there’s a front-facing video camera for video-chatting. We haven’t heard any info that would suggest the presence of a front facing camera, but we suppose a surprise or two from RIM wouldn’t be unwelcome. If the rumor is true, let’s just hope it doesn’t further contribute to the power management issues that seem to be plaguing the new handset.