Monday, 21 April 2008

Rah Digga On The Comeback!!!

You know i get the exclusives!!
Rah Digga (formerly of the Flipmode Squad) is in the final stages of completing a digital deal with Sony Records.
You can listen to the first single here called "Lil Fattie" and you can also get a chance to make up a dance for the song AND appear in the video!!!
And if that wasnt enough, Rah Digga is also featured in the new KRS One track "Self Construction" a remake of the 80's classic "Self Destruction"
The track features alot of hip hop heavyweights like Busta, Nelly, Neyo, Talib, Ludacris, and
Rah Digga is the ONLY female on the track!!
And to top it off the video is going to be directed by OPRAH WINFREY!!!!!
P.S. You know your boy Dready is involved with this new Digga album too, LOL!!!


Gee NYC said...

It's about time ! You chicks are in trouble now, here comes the heat.