Monday, 22 December 2008

Michael Jackson Is Terminally Ill With A Lung Condition?!

Rumors are swirling about the health condition of 50-year old Michael Jackson after a writer making a quick buck penning an autobiography on Michael leaked word to the press about the singers private health conditions. According to the Daily Express:

Ian Halperin, a former award-winning investigative journalist on America’s respected Rolling Stone Magazine, has said that the singer is suffering from a rare lung condition and needs to undergo an emergency transplant operation. According to Halperin, the 50-year-old has been diagnosed with Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic condition that can be fatal in severe cases. And he claims the singer is now so ill he can barely speak and has lost as much as 95 percent of the vision in his left eye.

The writer added: “He has had Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency for years but it’s gotten worse. He needs a lung transplant but may be too weak to go through with it. He also has emphysema and chronic gastrointestinal bleeding, which his doctors have had a lot of trouble stopping. It’s the bleeding that’s the most problematic part. It could kill him.”

Wow! This is crazy and we hope it’s not true! We love to crack jokes on MJ but it would be sad for him to be so rich and have some much access and not get treatment for this sickness he allegedly has. Hopefully someone will release a statement soon aside from Jermaine Jackson who reportedly told Fox News (we haven’t seen the clip) that, “He’s not doing so well right now. This isn’t a good time.”