Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Last Ever Jump Off Review

What a night. Sad to see you guys go.
Blessing from the Dready!!

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It's a very sad December, it's the last ever Jump Off... but you know we still have to go out with a bang. The place was crazy packed out, bunch of old and new faces coming to show support. In the house this month was the one and only DJ SCRATCHATOR of Flipmode and hip hop's MISS INFO both over the waters to show some love. Also lurking in the VIP corners was British model and actress RACHEL RITFELD who came down to help pick from the 12 Miss Hip Hop UK contestants. Hosted by RAP6 along with resident DJ MANNY NORTE on the wheels of steel as always. DJ SHORTEE BLITZ and DREADY also showing support. With the hottest talent lined up, the night's events was guaranteed to leave a lasting memory..

Miss Hip Hop UK Photoshoot
The girls came out looking delicious in their dresses, posing in all sorts of inviting positions. To add to that, they went off to get changed and they came back out with less clothes on each time! The mandem were happy

3 on 3 Freestyle Dance
KOFI, MALCOLM and Mr. Boy Blue himself, KENRYCK, 3 Jump Off legends were on the floor looking for some challengers. Nobody stepped up, no surprise there. Thankfully we were treated to a showcase of exactly why these 3 dudes are in the Jump Off hall of fame

Crew Dance
Once again one of the crews dropped out last minute when they saw their competition. WASTE!

Pay Per Laugh Comedy
This month's comedian had to be special, we had TOJU from Channel 4's Balls of Steel fame bless the crowd with some jokes. TOJU didn't waste any time and gave us plenty of hilarious hip hop observations. He also had the crowd in stitches with his spot-on impressions including the late Biggie Smalls

Fashion Show
Tonight it was Raw Blue owning the catwalk, the clothes were especially fresh, hopefully they'll still have stock for the summer cause some of them wouldn't keep anybody warm during the following months. Big up Raw Blue for a great showcase

Jump Off's Got Talent
There was a never ending queue of people wanting to show off their special talents, we had beatboxers, rappers, singers, sweetboy duets etc etc. Eventually RAP6 found us a winner in a singer who had the ladies shrieking in amazement.

MC Battle
It was a grudge re-match tonight between veteran street battler ARKAIC and recent Jump Off favorite MICKEY NEGRO. ARKAIC destroyed MICKEY NEGRO in a street battle viewed by millions but tonight it was revenge for MICKEY NEGRO as he showed that preparation is key. He even managed to let the crowd finish his bars, a must watch once it goes online.

Pillow Fight
UK vs US, undefeated champ BIANCA was joined by her friend CHICA to face some confident and eager americans in a 2 on 2 pillow fight special. After one round of feather fighting, RAP6 decided that one member of each team looked hungry for victory so he gave them half of the stage each. BIANCA won, again..

After a memorable night, the crowd were locked inside for a special treat as Flipmode's DJ SCRATCHATOR took over on the decks and blessed the crowd with bangers 'til people couldn't walk anymore.

It's been emotional, make sure you keep coming back here for videos of the night, Miss Hip Hop UK, Jump Off classics from the vault (including many of today's UK talents before they got big) and also check up on news about what's next for