Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Collipark Defends Soulja Boy In Ice T Beef

This is a statement issued by Mr. Collipark about the beef between Ice-T and Soulja Boy.

"It's a sad day when a 40 year old black man who means so much to the foundation of hip hop goes in on a 17 year old black kid in the name of selling a record. I really looked up to the accomplishments of Ice T. He went from being a skinny pimp with a perm rapping over gangster beats to one of the most talented actors to be birthed from hip hop. I can't understand why instead of reaching out to Soulja Boy behind the scene and having a talk with him about his views on Soulja's influence, he chose the route of dissing him. On top of all that, he wasn't that good a rapper himself, but he stood for hip hop. Therefore, I had love for him. What's even worse, the blogs that i've seen on the internet don't see anything wrong with his attack. It's not even about music at this point. He is a disgrace as a black man. That's sick. That's the state of shit in the world right now. There is no sense of right or wrong anymore. It's every man for himself. Good luck y'all!"