Saturday, 7 March 2009

Oh Oh!!

Singer Rihanna would testify against her boyfriend Chris Brown if called as a witness in his assault case, her attorney has said.
Donald Etra, who represents the 21-year-old Rihanna, said she would be legally required to give evidence if issued with a subpoena.
Brown was this week charged with assault and making criminal threats after an argument with Rihanna.
She has not commented on the case or a photo of her injured, on police advice.
In court this week, Brown's victim was named only as "Robyn F". Rihanna's real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
Brown, 19, was arrested in Los Angeles last month after a row with the singer in a parked car.
One of the charges is of assault likely to cause great bodily injury.
Mr Etra said Rihanna did not want a "no contact" order issued against Brown but that she will report any violations of an order prohibiting him from threatening, harassing or harming her.
He added Rihanna wanted the case to be over with quickly so she could get on with her life and career.
'Outpouring of support'
If convicted, the possible sentence for Brown could range from probation to more than four years in prison.
Brown was arrested on 8 February after the dispute in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.
The alleged attack came hours before the Grammy Awards, and both stars cancelled their scheduled appearances there.
Documents unveiled during Brown's court appearance detailed how he and Rihanna got into a fight when she found a text message from another woman.
Brown is then accused of trying to force Rihanna out of their rented Lamborghini sports car and shoving her head against the passenger window and repeatedly punching her in the face.
Rihanna's spokesperson has thanked fans for the "outpouring of support she has received during this difficult time".
The case was presented by police weeks ago but prosecutors asked for more information before deciding what charges to pursue.
Brown has since said he was "sorry and saddened" by the incident and was seeking counselling.