Saturday, 7 March 2009

Mansory LINEA Vincerò

The Bleu Centenaire wasn’t the only Veyron at the Geneva Motor Show to make heads turn. Bugatti has always earned appreciation for its limited edition Veyrons, and the new LINEA Vincerò is no exception. Done by German tuner Mansory, the Veyron LINEA Vincerò comes with a refined power engine. An advanced cooling system and exhaust system produces 1109 hp and 1310 Nm. Exterior modifications include a new front fascia, smaller hood, striking front apron, newly developed side skirts, a diffuser, larger air outlets and new forged wheels. The LED daytime running lights integrated in the front mount add to the overall aesthetics of the supercar. The interiors come with carbon fiber accents (we just love it), leather seating and trim and an LED ambient lighting system. Only three examples of this stunning special edition Veyron will be put into production.