Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Billion Dollar Building

I dont know what it is but this building dont look safe at all.
Info below:

This Mumbai, India based beauty is the brainchild of Nita and Mukesh Abani (world’s 5th richest man at $43 Billion) who originally thought of the concept while visiting the Mandarin Oriental hotel near Central Park in New York City. The tower is 27 stories tall, including 6 stories of parking area, a “health level” with an ice room, nine elevators, 400,000 square feet and everything else a mammal could want. The tower will cost about $2 Billion to complete by the time it’s all said and done which is more than a hotel or high-rise of similar size because of its custom measurements and fittings unlike hotels or condominiums which have a common layout, replicated on every floor, and uses the same materials throughout the building.

To put it in perspective Oprah, Tom Cruise, The Olsens and Jay-Z would have to empty the accounts then maybe…MAYBE…they could be roommates here…