Monday, 12 May 2008

Review Of Busta Album "Blessed"

Im happy with this review!! LOL

The evening started off with several of my esteemed colleagues chatting about each others ventures before Busta actually entered into the room. From there, Busta took the liberty of thanking us for coming, then the evening got off to the races. With each song there was a story behind it, telling inspirational montages of how this album is rightfully titled “Blessed”. Break down of the songs after the jump.

The first song that hit the air was “Don’t Believe Em” feat. Akon & T.I. (Produced by Cool & Dre): This was one of many anthems that were heard over the course of the night. With a signature Cool & Dre banger, you hear two men express their frustrations with an overwhelming amount of legal conflicts in their lives. The song itself is a great example of how the majority of this album is a reflection of his life. We never see Busta on a “Top Ten Lyricist” list or any such accolades, yet when he consistently has kept it funky and brought good music, we, as consumers of this music, need to realize how much this person has given to us.

“We Made It” feat. Linkin Park (Produced by Cool & Dre): This is a monumental anthem where Busta states “Mike Shinoda is a REAL EMCEE”. He goes on to tell us that this song is a first because this is the first time an original song was done with a rapper and all of Linkin Park. Now for those that don’t know, the Jay-Z stuff was a mash up and we are not going to include stuff Mike has done with his group Fort Minor. After a long conversation about the severity of this collabo, he went into a campaign for new video director RAGE, stating

The next song: “Decision” feat. Common, Mary J. Blige, John Legend, & Jamie Foxx (Produced by Mr. Porter) I’m going to admit this had me “home”. After the song, I had to exclaim that I was home and proceed to take my dress shoes, Busta followed and we went our with the rest of the comments. This joint is crazy, words truly do not articulate what I feel about this production. Busta went on to tell us about Mary’s significance on the record.

In times when rappers seem to be put behind the wrong type of bars we see a very reflective Busta with the hooks being laced by Mary, John, and Jamie. At the first drop of the song the bass and piano are distinctive.

Then we went on to a few more songs I’m not going to go into details but here is a few:

“Right Now” (Produced by Focus & Dr.Dre) - This is a club banger.

“I’m Go and Get My…” (Produced by DJ Scratch) - The sample is insannnneee.. If you know the movie you will go crazy when you here it. The intro is a sample of Mike Epps funny ass lotto scene in “All About the Benjamins,” and I’m going to go out and say that its the sample of the year hands down. I promise.

Imma go and get my 45, Over on 47th. Be back in 15 minutes or even 30. Be back with 37 niggas with them 38’s.

“If” feat. Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls (Produced by Rick Rock) - Melodic Club Anthem. We argued between this one and
“G-Stro” (Produced by Pharrell). Both are very nice tracks but this one seems to win over the group.

“Blown” feat. T-Pain (Produced by Cool & Dre) - This track is by far the biggest anthem track that I’ve heard T-Pain do, and no matter how many tracks T-Pain has done this one surpasses all of them. Busta’s lyrical prowess on this entire album is far greater than what we’ve heard on a T-Pain track before.

“Throw It Up” feat. Lil’ Wayne & Ludacris (Produced by Cool & Dre) - This track was murdered by Wayne and Luda. We listened to it minus Busta’s verse since it wasn’t recorded yet, but I must say Cool & Dre did the album justice.

“Kill Dem” feat. Tosh (Produced by Pharrell) - Tosh is a newly signed Flipmode artist. Kill Dem is a throw to Jamaican Busta, shout out to Jamaica Ave.

“Let Me Show You” (Produced by Busta Rhymes & DJ Scratch) - This one is for the 30 and above crowd with a Michael Jackson sample that will have you two stepping the night away.

“Hits 4 Days” feat. J. Holiday (Produced by Dready Beats) - Fresh off the Bishop Lamont mixtape we see Dready Beats. Busta: “J. Holiday knows he is good.”

“If You Don’t Know Now You Know” feat. Big Tigger (Produced by Focus) - Okay, so a very different track but we see in Big Tigger and Bussa Bus in interview format rhyming back and forth. This track is very different yet it almost had that same back and forth type feeling as “Warning” by Biggie, except in interview format.

Overall this is going to be an album to be reckoned with, my words don’t do any justice to what the public is about to hear from Busta Rhymes. I went to church, to the club, to the bodega, back to the club, I took a time machine to the early 90’s, and then back. Sonically a very pleasing album and I must give Busta huge props for putting out some very dope production. Look out for Dready Beats, he did this track with Akon & Busta called Clear the Air…omg..The kid is fire. Matter of Fact Check it out


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