Monday, 21 September 2009


I hope this real. DAMN!!!!!!!

Forget the Playstation 3. Forget the Playstation 3 thin. Here’s a sneaky glimpse of the highly anticipated Playstation 4.

The designer of the Playstation 4, Tai Chiem’s concept was to merge transparent materials and minimalistic aesthetics into the PS4 design element. The PS4 has not only had an aesthetic face lift, but its functionality has also had some upheaval!

The PS4 now has; bluetooth integration, plastic/glass backs and middles. LCD screen(s) on both the controller and the console. They’ve continued the classic aesthetic bone structure for the controller plus the PS4 console can also still be turned on it’s side.

It’s also rumoured that the games may also come in cube form, allowing you to just scan the cube which will then save the game to the consoles hard drive. How’s that for futuristic!