Saturday, 15 August 2009

Image of Apple’s tablet surfaces

Taken from boy genius

Behold! The latest “no seriously, this is the real thing!” image of Apple’s forthcoming, maybe real, definitely imminent, 100 percent fabricated, probably not, kind of confirmed tablet computer hit the net this morning. This time around, it comes from a French blog with a fair track record and its source is not disclosed. Right on. The image shows a device that certainly fits in with the design of the iPhone/iPod touch and iMac, though the placement of the home key is a bit odd considering such a device would be held by its ends. The most interesting aspect of this particular iPad/MacBook Touch/Macblet/iTab/Aplet/etc is the depiction of OS X on the display. Recent analyst guesses indicated that the device would run some iteration of the iPhone OS rather than some iteration of Leopard, but this image suggests otherwise.