Monday, 4 May 2009


I dont really put up rumours but this is interesting!
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Well, all remains quit on the home front with 50 Cent. But there are some rumors buzzing in the background. Fif has been shooting a new movie with Keifer Sutherland and that is why he has been kind of quiet. I heard that the summer is where the real “heat” is going to come down. Also, they said that there is still a tour planned for Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 this summer or so.

A source of mine continuously keeps hearing that The Game wants to work with 50 Cent, but Jimmy Henchman isn’t with it. If you remember the last “diss” Game had with Rick Ross…it really didn’t have any barbed words for 50, even though he was on it. You know Jimmy and 50 have their own set of issues as well.

Rumor has is, 50 Cent really wants out of his Interscope contract and hopes to go to either Def Jam or Atlantic. Not sure how factual that is, but I’ve been hearing for a long time that Lloyd Banks will end up over there. Tony Yayo may be going independent. I heard that 50 Cent is still committed to making Mobb Deep pop when Prodigy gets out of jail. It would have been nice to have seen him help Hav with that ill-fated solo project!

I also hear that there may be a future 50/Jadakiss song coming down the line. Jada continues to sell very well. I see him striking gold.


This is a separate rumor altogether, but it goes well with the previous one under the 50 Cent category. A friend of my friend out in L.A. said The Game was on the radio and claims that The Game said he would diss Rick Ross if he dissed Eminem again. According to rumors, The Game said he’s not concerned with 50 Cent and Ross going at him, but he wants Ross to leave Em and Dre out of it. Now…this sounds interesting to me. Also, I heard that Rick Ross “begged” him to be on the remix of “Mafia Music” and diss 50 Cent. Now, Game was on it, but didn’t really go at 50 like that. I also heard Game had some unsavory things to say about Ross’ C.O. past. Game reportedly stated that, “I recorded my verse and sent it to him, because I was smoking weed I didn't want to get a citation or piss tested and sent to my P.O.” Oh boy. I hope this is wrong, because I definitely don’t want to see The Game and Ross clashing!