Sunday, 15 March 2009

Man Murdered After Being Placed In The Same Cell With Killer He Testified Against

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An Oklahoma inmate was beaten to death earlier this week after being placed in the same cell with a man he had testified against.

According to NewsOK, 23-year-old Paul Duran (pictured on the left) had fought with his initial cellmate and was moved into a different cell with 32-year-old Jessie James Dalton (pictured on the right) on Wednesday night (March 11).

15 minutes later, prison guards would find Duran beaten to death.

Duran and Dalton broke into a home together in 2002 and Dalton killed a person in the house.

Duran pleaded guilty to lesser felonies as part of an agreement to testify against Dalton.

Duran was sentenced to 28 years behind bars while Dalton was sentenced to life without parole.

Jerry Massie, the spokesman of Oklahoma State Penitentiary, said the two men were not supposed to be put in the same cell and prison officials are trying to determine how it happened.