Sunday, 29 March 2009

Beenie Man Reality Show???

Sounds Original!!!
He can't be serious!!

Filled with scandals, feuds and public relationships, the life of the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall, Beenie Man, has often held the local public's attention. Now, Beenie Man will be parading his colourful personality to an international audience with his reality television series where he searches for love.

Tentatively entitled 'Girls Dem Suga', Beenie Man plans to film his own reality show where he would live in a house with 20 females from across the world and at the end, choose one to be his new companion. The deejay is currently estranged from his wife D 'Angel and has often proclaimed his willingness to find a new love interest.

Kevin Barton, owner of Lascelles Film Limited, who will be responsible for creating the show, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the show is still in the early stages of its development. Thus far, they have created a pilot episode which they will present to international stations such as MTV, VH1 and BET.

Barton explained why Beenie Man was chosen: "I've worked with Beenie Man in the past and I've been involved in music and Beenie Man is just dynamic, he brings energy like no other artiste. Anyone who knows reggae music knows Beenie Man, he has sold records and toured the planet."

The carrier of the show will not be the only international flavour, as the females will be chosen locally and internationally. Tara Playfair-Scott, producer on the show said, "whatever kind of girls Beenie Man likes will be available to live with him in the house for a number of months while he chooses the one he wants to be with."


Unknown said...

This is a sign that his career is headed straight down into the pit toilet. Poor thing. He had such promise.

Anonymous said...

Long you need fi shut up... he is expanding what yall thought that he was going to deejay till him dead.. be ralistic making this show will be a good thing for him cause i can tell u it nah miss me... stop haten gwan yah beenie do u ting.. it ago mad.. if yall can watch all them other bull shit reality show why not make one and meck money... see long beenie a defend money.