Friday, 27 February 2009

MC Hammer Reality Show!

I swear, if i see or hear about one more reality show!! Jeeez!!

Rapper MC Hammer is to star in a family-themed reality television series in the US.
The musician, who shot to fame in the 1990s, said the programme will give viewers a taste of his day-to-day life.
The serial, which will air on cable channel A&E later this year, will feature his wife, five children and two nephews who share a home in California.
MC Hammer had worldwide hits including U Can't Touch This and Pray, and was famed for his trademark baggy trousers.
Family showcase
The 46-year-old said that Hammertime will reveal his lesser known side as a businessman as well his technical prowess.
He runs a dance website and makes frequent updates to his Twitter feed.
"I'm a 2010 dad. I'm a real techy. I'm a geek on that side," he said.
"This is a dad who is connected beyond any kid's wildest dreams when it comes down to the places they'd like to navigate on the internet."
MC Hammer - born Stanley Burrell - said that the unscripted programme will show "all the things that come along with family, with the caveat that their dad is a world-renowned recording artist".
He added that the series would serve as a showcase for his family's talents.
"It's in their blood," he said. "They all have theatrical, musical talents. They love the idea of being on television from the standpoint of acting and performing."