Thursday, 8 May 2008

Lil Wayne Don't Want NO BEEF With 50

Here is a snippet from a recent Weezy interview.

50 Cent has called you a “whore” repeatedly. Where is your comeback rhyme already?

Lil' Wayne: Man, I have to call him and say thank you. He’s catapulted me. N*gga, white people know me now! Thank you! Diss rhyme? Fcuk no? That n*gga thrives off that. I am not feeding that tiger. I’m smart. Do you see his size? I’m small. I saw a YouTube video of this dude playing a concert; somebody threw water on im–he took off his hat, went in the crowd, grabbed the n*gga and boom! I was like, This n*gga’s the hardest n*gga on planet Earth. So no, I’m not dissing 50. And I’m not throwing water on him, neither.