Wednesday, 23 April 2008

For All DJ's!

Here is the info:

Are you into DJ-ing? Then this one will get you itching to dole out your remixes right away. How you mix your records, which records you mix and even the order in which you mix them can make or break an atmosphere. But where you place your all your turntables and mixers will also speak volumes of your rocking persona. Designed by German David Kornmann, Hoerboard has a way out for all the DJs. DJ Workstation is a customized platform that allows you to fit all your gears smartly. Crafted out of MDF/Multiplex corpus, you can opt for high quality veneer or hardened lacquered surfaces to suit your style. And a hardened lacquer/varnish surface makes sure it will not let any stains settle from the party drinks. Obviously folks with glasses overflowing with cocktails and mocktails are going to find their way to your station and kiss your cheek for such fantastic mixes. Cause with this DJ Workstation, you will be able to create something magical for the audience and give ‘em a great time.

Also the vertical position of turntables gives you all the mixing- and scratching-space you need. While the horizontal position in the classic style is made for any conventional spinning-style. The company is also offering an option of a mountable crystal-clear acryl clip for notebook, final scratch, e.g.